Nemo's End?

  • Nemo's End?


  • Letter From Europe by Daniel Knop
  • Editor's Page by James M. Lawrence
  • Reef News
  • Rarities CORAL staff report


  • A Farewell to Nemo? Could the Endangered Species Act end the trade in aquarium corals—and even common clownfishes? Marine aquarists face a new era of historical challenges. by Ret Talbot
  • Clownfish Diversity: A treasure & a challenge by Matt Pedersen
  • Revisiting the Wild Side – A guide to the known anemonefish species found in nature by Scott W. Michael
  • Polyp Fiction – Is it time to retire our confusing pseudo–scientific terminology for "SPS" and "LPS" stony corals? by Than Thein with images by Ben Clark
  • Amphipods by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.
  • Breeding Crustaceans, Part 2 – Rearing decopod crustaceans in the aquarium by Till Deuss, M.Sc.
  • DIY larval trap – Make a larval trap from a yogurt container by Torsten Schmidt


  • Reefkeeping 101: Aquarium algae species and their ecological niches: Part 3 by Daniel Knop; Multicolor Angelfish by Daniel Knop
  • Species Spotlight: The Sohal Surgeonfish by Daniel Knop
  • CORAL Sources: Outstanding aquarium shops
  • Coralexicon: Technical terms that appear in this issue
  • Advanced Aquatics: Species globalization: the movement of exotic marine aquarium livestock around the world by Jay Hemdal
  • Advertiser Index
  • Reef Life: by Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry P. Tackett

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Nemo's End?

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