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OTAKU USA Magazine

OTAKU USA Magazine

OTAKU USA magazine is published bi-monthly by Sovereign Media Company, Inc.

OTAKU USA is a thick, full-color magazine featuring comprehensive yet ultra-creative coverage of manga, anime, videogames and Japanese pop culture written from an American point of view. Published by Sovereign Media, the people who launched SCI FI, the official magazine of the Sci Fi channel, Otaku USA calls on Sovereign's knowledge of the passionate nich media marketplace. Each issue of Otaku USA will be filled with coverage of the hottest new Manga, Anime releases, computer and board games, along with all the latest pop culture trnds and happenings right now in Japan.

Otaku USA also publishes 32 pages of the hottest manga previews and sample chapters from the top publishers, plus a full color, 2-sided oversize poster. Plus, every issue comes with an online entry code allowing you to access 2-3 full-length anime episodes, plus anime and game trailers, game demos, previews, and more! Each issue is over 150 pages, oversized at 9" x 10 7/8", glossy, big, brash, and colorful!

Because Otaku USA is an independant US magazine, not a licensed product owned by those with an vested interest in a particular line of comics, anime, manga, games or movies, it presents the American with objective coverage. Otaku USA has the freedom to publish what's hot in America regardless of the publisher or producer.

Web Otaku

WEB OTAKU USA is the online component of Otaku USA magazine, and is the perfect compliment to the magazine.

WEB OTAKU provides in-depth coverage by expanding on stories in the magazine, along with daily updates of what's hot in Japanese pop culture, additional manga chapters, game coverage, interviews with artists and writers too extensive to fit in print pages, writing contests, drawing contests, web-only reviews and tips, reader forums and an online community program, bringing an immediacy to the market that has never before been seen.

Otaku USA is a true hybrid, an entity larger than any one medium.

FAQs about Otaku USA

If you have a question not answered here, feel free to contact us and we'll answer it for you.

Under what business name will my credit card be charged?

  • The charge will appear on your statement as "Otaku-Sovereign Media- 1-800-219-1187". Sovereign Media is the company that publishes Otaku USA.

What's the new newsstand price of OTAKU USA?

  • We've reduced the price to $5.99 for all but the December issue, which will be $9.99 with the DVD included.

  • One year (6 issues ) $19.95; Two years (12 issues) $39.95

Are you extending current existing subscriptions, because you're eliminating the DVD?

  • Yes, we're extending each subscription by half an issue for each issue you've got coming (and we round up). So, if you have one remaining issue on your subscription, we'll extend it to 2. If you have 2 issues remaining, we'll extend it to 3.

  • Because we can furnish the same exact services to our readers for less money. In this economy, we felt this was important.

  • Each issue will have a code listed several places in the magazine. In the Feburay 2009 issue, its listed on page 6. Simply log on to the website, click on the "virtual DVD" tab, type in the code and enjoy the content!

So you guys are like New Type?

  • We are similar to Newtype USA, but we are not related at all, it's a different company with a different staff. Otaku USA is put together by a magazine publishing company called Sovereign Media, whereas New Type was put together by ADV Films under license from New Type Japan.

Are you guys going to fold in a few months just like New Type and PIQ?

  • Otaku USA is not going anywhere any time soon. Sovereign Media has been in the magazine business for a long time and has years of experience keeping publications running. Otaku USA is selling well, making profits, and is no danger of dieing out.

Who are your writers? Are they former staff of New Type? Where did they come from?

  • Otaku USA is a bi-monthly magazine, meaning it only comes out once every two months. This allows us to pack more great content into each issue as well as avoid undue printing costs associated with releasing a new issue every month. If you are unsure of when to look for the next issue in stores, look below the bar code on the cover of the current issue, where it says "Retailer: Display until X date"; that is the date when the current issue is scheduled to be taken off shelves and replaced with the next brand new issue.
  • Of course, it is then up to the newstands and bookstores to change out the old magazines and put the new ones in every two months. Unfortunately some stores do not always put the new magazines out as soon as they arrive, so if you don't see the new issue on shelves, ask a store employee to check for you.

I subscribed but I didn't get my magazine yet, what should I do?

  • After a new issue first comes out and gets mailed to subscribers, there is a second mailing a month later so that if someone subscribes after an issue comes out, they can receive it in the mail as their first issue instead of waiting 2 months for the next issue. If you subscribe after the second mailing has already gone out, then your first issue will be the next one that comes out, but this should only take 3-4 weeks at max.
  • So, if you subscribe you should receive your first magazine within 3-4 weeks, usually less. If you don't, please call our subscription services number (available here) and they will set things right for you.