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Anime USA - Winter 2017 (Print)

Anime USA - Winter 2017 (Print)
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Getting the band back together!

Sound Euphonium paints a vivid, energy-loaded picture of a high school microcosm.

The Present Values of Once Upon a Time

Folktales from Japan sheds light on the very essence of what makes stories special.

Behind the Mask

A nostalgic classic is back on TV in the form of Tiger Mask W... but how did we even get here in the first place? Behold, the rocky wrasslin’ road to masked madness!

Return of the Invader from the Deep

Sentai Filmworks reeled in a big catch with the Squid Girl series, so it’s time to hit the beach one more squidding time!

Frame by Frame

Through sakuga fandom, anime fans are discovering the animators beind their favorite shows.

Wide World of Butts

Keijo!!!!!!!! takes anime to new lows while simultaneously butt-slapping its way to bizarre new heights.

Horror Anime Movie Classics

From the fantastical heights of Vampire Hunter D  to the depths of Wicked City, we take a look at some of anime’s most classic frights!

Getting to Know the Dark Side of Magical Girl Anime

From Puella Magi Madoka Magica  to Magical Girl Raising Project, grim is the new normal.



Contributors’ Top 5

Whether it’s anime, manga, games, or something else entirely, here are some things Otaku USA staff members have been digging lately.

Otaku Arsenal

Random stuff for the J-nerd lifestyle

Otaku Owari

Composing for games & anime with Hitoshi Sakimoto


Wish Upon the Pleiades
Miss Hokusai
Flip Flappers
Beautiful Bones—Sakurako’s Investigation-
Rage of Bahamut: Genesis


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Anime USA - Winter 2017 (Print)
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Anime USA - Winter 2017 (Print)
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Anime USA - Winter 2017 (Print)
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Anime USA - Winter 2017 (Print)
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