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World War II Airborne Assault

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World War II Airborne Assault
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Pyrrhic Parachute Victory In Crete  Elite German parachute troops found the resistance from Commonwealth soldiers particularly brutal, but prevailed at a terrible cost in the fight for the Greek Island.

Target: Sainte-Mere-Eglise
In Normandy on the night of June 5/6 1944, the US 82nd Airborne Division overcame countless SNAFUs to take a key village. 

Slugfest in Normandy
The little known battle for La Fiere has been called "probably the bloodiest small unit struggle in the experiece of American arms." 

Action at Arnhem
A bridge across the Rhine proved an insurmountable goal for the ill-fated British 1st airborne during Operation Market-Garden.

Silk Over Germany   After Normandy, the U.S. 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment spearheaded Operation Varsity, the March 1945 airborne jump across the Rhine into Germany.

Rock Force Assault
American airborne and ground troops swiftly captured the fortress island of Corregidor in Manila Bay with a coordinated operation in early 1945.



Warriors in the wind.

First Combat: The Fall of Eben Emael
A handful of well-trained German glider troopers subdued a seemingly impregnable fortress in a matter of hours.




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World War II Airborne Assault
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World War II Airborne Assault
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World War II Airborne Assault
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