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World War II Tank Battles

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World War II Tank Battles
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Armored Strike at Arras   British tankers made a courageous attept to foil the German blitzkreig in France on ay 21, 1940. 

Trial by Fire at Kasserine Pass
German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel intended to toss the dice again before leaving North Africa for good. His target was the green American Army in Tunisia. 

Manstein's Victorious Panzers
German field Marshal Erich von Manstein unleashed his elite paner units in a devastating counterattack against Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. 

Showdown at Prokhorovka and Oboian
The climactic tank battle at Kursk spelled the beginning of the end for the Wehrmacht in Russia. 

The Last Living Tiger   Tiger 131 is believed to be ther only operational Panzer VI today.. 

The Real Fury: A Tanker's View of War
From North Africa to Sicily to Normandy to the heart of Germany, bow gunner Irving Bromberg fought the war in a Sherman Tank. 

Tearing Across Europe in a Tank
Sergeant Carl Erickson fought World War II as a tank driver with the 12th Armored Division

Roadblock at St. Sever   Tankers duel for small real estate with large consequences.

Armored Blitz to Avranches                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The US VIII Corps exploited Operation Cobra and cracked a doorway into Brittany.



Tanks are the beasts of the battlefield.

Hitlers Panzer Ace
SS tanker Michael Wittman became the most famous armor ace of World War II and died in the process.




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World War II Tank Battles
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World War II Tank Battles
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World War II Tank Battles
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World War II Tank Battles
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