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D Day Art Print- A Soldiers View

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D Day Art Print- A Soldiers View
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One of History's Most Defining Moments, 
Forever Immortalized in Print


Over 150,000 men… 50 miles of coastline… 10,000 casualties.
Sometimes the numbers are too staggering to comprehend. 
But a picture can say it all.


D-Day: A Soldier’s View 


The storm was violent, the waves were huge and the noise was deafening for soldiers in their landing craft on D-Day, June 6, 1944. As they neared the Normandy beach, the door dropped open… and this important photo, taken by Coast Guard Chief Robert F. Sergeant, lets you see exactly what they saw: withering machine gun fire, treacherous breakers, a long beach, high cliffs… and near-certain death.

None hesitated. These brave men jumped into the cold Atlantic waters. Two thirds of them died soon after, so that their loved ones could live in freedom.

This Limited Edition Print depicts the men of Company E, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, as they made their approach onto Omaha Beach in the early morning of June 6.


Company E landed on Easy Red Beach at 0645 in the face of murderous fire. Those few who survived kept wading into everything the enemy had, taking their objective and providing the only exit off the beach for the entire Fifth Corps. Company “E,” perhaps by strength of will and courage alone, helped prevent the entire landing force from being thrown back into the sea. For a month afterwards, those who survived remained almost in a daze.

It was, truly, one of history’s most defining moments.


And now, you can own this handsome, permanent reminder of their courage, and dedication to duty. Printed on 14″x18″ photographic paper, this high-quality Limited Edition Print is the perfect addition to any history buff’s home or office. It also makes a wonderful and inspiring gift. Only from Warfare History Network. $49.95 plus $10.00 shipping, $59.95 total



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D Day Art Print- A Soldiers View
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