WCM Winter 2008

  • WCM Winter 2008

Winter 2008

Lilac-breasted roller on the cover by Mike Stripp

Painting Notes: Northern Shrike
Don't butcher this butcher bird. Paint it right!
by Jerry Poindexter

Beginner's Notebook: It's the Thought that Counts
The difference between a good carving and a great one depends on some principles you need to consider beforehand
by Jerry Simchuk

Showcase: Out of Africa
Anyone for a Knysna lourie? How about a lilac-breasted roller? These may be strange birds in the States, but they're meat and potatoes for South African carver Mike Stripp
by Tony Mills

Book Excerpt: Make Your own Patterns
We offer an advance peak at a portion of Glenn McMurdo's upcoming Workbench Project. It's guaranteed to whet your appetite
by Glenn A. McMurdo

A Bold Eagle
How does a “decoy guy” approach a raptor like this? Very carefully
by Eric Kaiser

Reference: A Natural Oddity
The crossbills; includes reference photos and Jean Minaudier's pattern and color guide
by Rick Burkman

Snow Business: Snowy Owl Miniature, Part Two
Here's how you can make your rear-view owl a whiter shade of pale
by Doug Mason

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WCM Winter 2008

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