WCM Summer 2019

  • WCM Summer 2019

Summer 2019

The wood duck hen on the cover is by Jean Minaudier

Painting Notes: Pyrrhuloxia
A little hummingbird creates some big problems.
by Jerry Poindexter. Includes a pattern.

Shorebird Bills
Sometimes a little extra strength is necessary
by Del Herbert.

Carving a Common Red Poll, Part Three
It's habitat time—three habitats, in fact
by Tom Park.

A Bufflehead Tweener, Part One
Inspired by an old–time carver, this duck has decoy and decorative characteristics
Thomas F. McCollum.

The Rust of the Story
What to do when your carving needs a touch of iron oxide
by Tom Baldwin.

Book Excerpt: A Hen Wood Duck Head
In this look inside his new book, Jean takes on a hen wood duck 
by Jean Minaudier. Includes a pattern.

Reference: Avian Ogres
Why do they call it a spoonbill? Three guesses
Includes Jean Minaudier's pattern and color guide.

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WCM Summer 2019

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