WCM Spring 1988

  • WCM Spring 1988

Spring 1988

The Regal Pintail
Striking plumage and elaborate courting displays make this duck one to watch
by Dr. Robert I. Smith

Masterwork Gallery: The Eastern Bluebird by Van Keuren Marshall

Simple Elements, Strong Statements
The art of composing simple yet effective habitat
by Charles E. Warrington

The Doctor from Texas
James M. McCleery, collector with a discerning eye), interview by Gene and Linda Kangas

Painting the Bill
Scaup mini-demonstration
by Steve McCoy

A Wisconsin Find: Enoch Reindahl
Uncovering a new legacy in the collecting world
by Donna Tonelli

Flying Pheasant in Miniature
by Gerri Butcher

Beginner's Notebook: Texturing Stones
Essential tools for creating details
by Don McKinlay

The Lighter Side of Learning to Carve
Interviews with seminar students and a first-person account of a true novice carver
by Cathy Hart

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WCM Spring 1988

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