WCM Spring 1999

  • WCM Spring 1999

Spring 1999

Ernie Muehlmatt's pileated woodpecker is on the cover

Beginner's Notebook: An Airbrush Can Work for You!
Modify your Paasche AB for stellar performance
by Glenn Ladenberger

The Hunting Decoy, Part Two
Shape the decoy body
by Willy McDonald

Scaup Hen Project, Part One
Carve the hen bluebill

Masterwork Gallery: A Bird Unto Itself
Ernie Muehlmatt's pileated woodpecker), photography by Michael L. Smith

Immature White Gyrfalcon, Part Three
The base is an integral part of any bird carving
by Kurt M. Robinette

Wild Spirit
A portrait of the common loon; reference photos
by Jerome A. Jackson

Getting it just right
by Frank Werner

Working a Show
How to make the most of your time at a carving show
by Marie Bongiovanni

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Spring 1998-Winter 1999

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WCM Spring 1999

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