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Talons in the Sky: The Great Gallery of Eagles, Hawks and Owls

Photographs by Steve Maslowski; Foreword by Floyd Scholz

Combining the best reference articles from the pages of Wildfowl Carving Magazine with a dazzling collection of images by acclaimed wildlife photographer Steve Maslowski, Talons in the Sky provides a close-up look at eagles, hawks, and owls, the great hunters of the avian world. Wildfowl carvers will delight in the detailed, intoxicating photographs, and bird enthusiasts will find plenty to surprise and astonish in both the pictures and the text. Ranging from the lordly bald eagle to the diminutive elf owl, the raptors on display here demonstrate again and again why these amazing birds have fascinated human beings throughout the ages.

Steve Maslowski began learning his trade decades ago from his father, the late Karl Maslowski, who began hunting ducks in the 1920's and became a pioneer in color wildlife photography. Steve has thousands of still photo credits and has shot film and video for a number of TV shows including Wild America, Birdwatch, and National Geographic Explorer. In addition, Steve has produced dozens of science videos for Discovery Education. Steve holds a degree in English from Brown University and resides in Ohio.

Wildfowl Carving Magazine has been an indispensable source of information for bird carvers since its first issue was published in 1985. The magazine also publishes Competition, an annual showcase of the best carvings from shows across the United States and Canada. (Hardcover, $39.95)


Peregrine Falcon: Dynamic Carving and Painting Techniques for a New Era

By Floyd Scholz

Learn how to carve the Floyd Scholz way! The world-renowned bird carver explains the philosophy and techniques behind his most exciting project yet--a dynamic sculpture of a peregrine falcon in flight as it captures a green-winged teal.

In a step-by-step demonstration, Floyd explains how he carved and painted this amazing work. Detailed captions outline the carving techniques that turn wood into art and the painting steps that bring the carving to life.

With nearly 300 photos and detailed captions, Floyd guides you through his process. Along the way he shares the knowledge and skill that has propelled him to the top of the carving world. From how to rough out the block with a chain saw to the proper way to detail with an airbrush—it’s all here!

Floyd Scholz is universally recognized as one of the top carvers and highly respected instructors in the world today. He has written five best-selling books on the art form, including Golden Eagle: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Art of Bird Carving. In 2014 the Ward Museum named him one of its Living Legends.

In Peregrine Falcon, Floyd has outdone himself. Now you can learn how he did it! (Hardcover, $29.95)

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$10 Off 2 Books

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