WCM Summer 2011

  • WCM Summer 2011

Summer 2011

Snow goose on the cover by Barry Woodcraft

Painting Notes: Violet-Green Sparrow
Violet? Check. Green? Check. Now paint
by Jerry Poindexter

Beginner's Notebook: A Cork Red-Breasted Merganser Part Two, Painting
The important thing is what the real ducks think
by Thomas F. McCollum

Funky Merganser
Take things to another level by adding some funk
by Ian R. Feir

Business: Commission Control
Sometimes it's not just a hobby—it's a business
by Jerry Simchuk

Showcase: British Birds
We take a trip across the Atlantic to what carvers do in the U.K.
by Pam Wilson

Tools: A Shaving Horse
Maybe you've seen a hot dog stand, but have you ever seen a shaving horse?
by Bill Kennedy

Prairie Falcon Part Two: Painting
Paint it well and you'll be enraptured by this raptor
by Laurie Truehart

Reference: Ugly Duckling
It ain't pretty but the cormorant has been around for a long, long time; includes reference photos and Jean Minaudier's pattern and color guide
by Rick Burkman

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WCM Summer 2011

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